Terms & conditions

It is your responsibility to ensure that you either own the copyright or have the permission of the copyright holder to transfer the footage you supply to us. It will be presumed that by sending your tapes to us that copyright clearance has been obtained by yourself. Resurrection Video cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright, and we reserve the right to refuse to transfer any tape where we believe permission has not been obtained. If you are unsure if you are allowed to copy a tape or not, please drop us a line using our “Contact us” page and we’ll be happy to help.

Please take care to pack your tapes and hard drives carefully when posting them. Try to pack them securely so they can’t rattle about, and ideally use something like bubble wrap to pad the package. Resurrection Video can not be held responsible for any damage to your tapes or hard drives that happens before they get to us.

Some tapes might be too damaged to play as a result of poor storage or mistreatment over their lifetime. We will do our best to transfer every tape we┬áreceive, but if a tape is so badly degraded that it won’t play, or breaks, we can’t be held responsible. The cost of the transfer will be refunded to you.

All our DVDs come without copy-protection, so you are free to duplicate or rip them yourself – it’s your footage after all. But we are happy to make duplicates of your DVDs if requested as part of the initial order. If the request is made after the footage has been deleted from our system it will be classed as a new job, and will therefore need to be re-encoded and charged as a brand new disc.